This young single mom has a surprise

This young single mom has a surprise

This young single mom has a surprise

This young, single mom has a surprise

When it rains, it pours. For 29-year-old Courtney, that old adage came true in a painfully real way. As a single mom, Courtney had gotten behind on her rent. “I was a terrified mom,” Courtney shared. “I could sleep in a car or with a friend, but I have a child. I didn’t want her to bounce around.” Since aging out of the foster care system, Courtney has been on her own. She received an eviction notice in late October, just as the weather was turning cold.

Courtney reached out to ECHOS for assistance. Leigh Ann, ECHOS assistant director, took that call and became Courtney’s case manager. She shares that Courtney is capable and independent, with a vibrant personality. ECHOS was able to offer rental assistance, but after sending a check into the landlord, Leigh Ann wasn’t able to reconnect with Courtney for follow-up. It was only after six weeks of missed connections that ECHOS learned that the rain was still pouring on Courtney and her daughter.

This young, single mom has a surprising occupation: she’s a roofer! And she’s good at what she does. After an apprenticeship, she’s been successful in this male-dominated industry for years. Unfortunately, at the end of the season, right after ECHOS was able to help Courtney with her rent, she was involved in a devastating accident at work. A palette was dropped from a roof, landing on her and causing damage to her leg and torso. As Courtney recovered, the financial margin she’d been able to build up thanks to ECHOS help dwindled quickly. Unable to pay her cell phone bill and unable to reach back out to ECHOS, Courtney felt completely helpless. 

“She just couldn’t catch back up,” Leigh Ann explained. A a second eviction process was started. Courtney’s church family rallied around her to help move her, her ten-year-old daughter, and their belongings in with a friend. But ECHOS was back on the case, and Leigh Ann was already making calls to engage their network of resources to help out this struggling family.

“It was wonderful, it truly was,” Courtney says of ECHOS’ tireless assistance. “Leigh Ann helped me in one of the hardest times in my life.” Courtney and her daughter now have an apartment in Mount Joy, thanks in part to ECHOS help. 

Leigh Ann says, “In Mt. Joy, Courtney felt like she was home: back in the town she grew up in. We gave her a window of hope when she could only see the closed doors: the injury which lead to no work, the inability to work which lead to the eviction.”  ECHOS provided advocacy with her previous landlord and new landlord in order to secure housing, weekly phone calls to ensure she had a listening ear, and some new apartment supplies to help her get started.

“I’d never been unable to work,” Courtney says, “and I just wasn’t sure what to do. Leigh Ann offered me so many options. When it rains, it pours. I was scared of what was going to happen. ECHOS was a breath of fresh air, like the sun peeking in on a cloudy day.”