I’m sleeping rough and need a place to stay


I’m currently homeless or sleeping rough

In Lancaster County, we look to place all those who are in need of shelter with the appropriate housing and shelter to meet their needs. The issue is one that permeates throughout the County, with a greater portion of our homelessness population existing outside the city.


Overnight Shelters

Lancaster County has a network of emergency shelters that provide safe, warm and dry places for individuals and families to sleep when all other housing options are exhausted. Shelters exist in Lancaster City, Columbia, Ephrata and are being explored in other local communities. Seasonal shelters also operate in Lancaster City (women and families only) and Elizabethtown.

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Domestic Violence Services & Shelter

A specialized shelter exists for people fleeing domestic violence. For more information about this shelter call 717-299-1249.


Domestic Violence Services & Shelter

Street Outreach workers help people access overnight shelters, social services (e.g. substance abuse treatments, mental health, etc.), basic necessities and can even help with locating housing.

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Veterans’ Services

The Lebanon VA partners with the Homelessness Coalition and provides an outreach worker for Lancaster County 2 days a week. The VA outreach worker helps veterans access VA services, overnight shelter, local housing, health care, etc.

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Transitional Housing

For some households, Transitional Housing is the preferred route to housing independence. The number of transitional housing programs in the County has declined since 2010. These programs traditionally last 6 months to 2 years and focus around a specific population (e.g. expectant mothers) or interest (e.g. people interested in furthering their education).

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